friday faves

Wow, I seriously feel like it was hours ago that I was whooping it up in Chicago, but here we are at the weekend already! Sadly, this weekend is looking to be quite gloomy weather-wise, but I am looking forward to some relaxing family time before Jim leaves for DC on Sunday (waa).

Anyway, here are a few things that have brought me joy lately! Since I haven’t been posting consistently every Friday, I have some things stored up! 🙂

WoodWick Candle


I’ve loved WoodWick candles for quite some time– there is just something about that little crackle that they make that gives them an extra-cozy feel. While my mom was visiting, we attended a Girls’ Night Out in downtown Haddonfield, and she treated me to this candle (bless moms who never let you pay for your own stuff when together!). I love the scent (“On the Beach”), and I love the actual candle holder, one I’ll be able to reuse even after the candle burns down.

HaloTop Ice Cream

IMG_7811Is this stuff seriously miraculous, or is it just me?! The fact that I can eat the whole pint and STILL be ahead of things nutritionally than I would be if I downed some B&Js of an even lesser amount has me OBSESSED with it. I’ve tried Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, and just downed a pint of Oatmeal Cookie. So. freaking. good. The biggest drawback is it is a tad pricey, but it was on sale for $2.88 at ShopRite this week. I mean, how can you resist stocking up at that rate?!?


My sister-in-law MB clued me into this website when I was searching for a cheap flight to Chicago. Essentially, the site searches for flights with layovers in what city is actually your final destination, and you book them one-way and then obviously you don’t get on the connecting flight. They end up being cheaper than if you purchased direct from city to city! The caveat is that you cannot check a bag, which can get tricky (as I learned the hard way!) if the flight is full and you’re forced to check it! Thankfully, American Airlines was kind enough to send it back for me, though.

Chris Stapleton


After his 2015 Grammy success and amazing collaboration with Justin Timberlake, I quickly became a fan of this soulful crooner. There is just something so truly authentic about his musical talent, and a cozy night in with a glass of wine and his voice just gives me all the feels. 🙂 He’s coming to BB&T Pavilion in August and I can’t wait to see him perform. Until then, I’ll just enjoy his new album, From A Room: Volume 1.

CorePower Yoga


Chelsea encouraged Leah & I to try her favorite workout when we were visiting Chicago, and of course I was more than up for it! So, we hit the mats and sweated it out in a 60-minute Yoga Sculpt class. From their website:

When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You’ll combine free weights with CorePower Yoga 2 sequencing and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls.

Truthfully, it’s been at least 5 years since I have done any sort of yoga: I’m just always looking for a tough, sweaty, cardio-heavy, muscle-shaking class when I go workout. However, the sculpt class was a great way to ease back into the flow of yoga a little bit while also feeling like I got a truly sweaty toning session in as well. I love the balance of athletic moves mixed with the breathing, stretching, and meditative mantras of a yoga class. We decided to do another sculpt class at Chelsea’s normal studio the next day, and I loved it even more. When I got home, I wanted to see if there were any studios nearby so that I could take full advantage of my free week, and there is one about 2 miles from my house! So, I’ve done 4 sculpt classes this week.

Of course, since we are already paying a ton for our Lifetime membership, I won’t be joining this studio, but I am told there is a class called Warrior Sculpt at Lifetime that sounds very similar. I’m hoping that’s true, but in any case, I am grateful to have gotten back into yoga just a little bit. I do like the mindfulness aspect that is stressed in the class, and a little bit of tuning into myself, my mindset, and my body has served me well in the last week.



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