becoming a mom

Nothing could be truer than the saying that becoming a parent completely rocks your world. While I and I am sure every expecting mother is aware of that truth, only when it actually happens do you realize the transformation that has taken place in your life and with you as a person.


Here are some thoughts on what has changed since I became a momma:

I feel more connected to people.

Raising another human has put me in touch with humanity in a deeper way. I relate more to my own mother, now realizing struggles and joys that she experienced raising me and my siblings. I relate better to other children, now feeling like I am a bit more in tune to what brings them happiness. I understand the feelings other mothers, of course, and having the instant connection of being parents definitely helps matters conversationally. I certainly feel more connected to Jim, having experienced the difficulties, wonders, and joys of parenthood with him. Of course, above all is my connection and bond to my daughter– a relationship like no other, and one I of course never had before. Overall, it has made me realize how precious our lives are, and how much we have to give and to learn from each other in this journey.

I have more patience.

I have to be flexible with my time in a way I never have before. Before becoming a mother, most of my time was mine. Now, I have to be okay with postponing a run until Jim gets home from work if I have to, or just scrapping plans altogether if Lydia is having a tough time or day. I’ve always considered myself to be on the impatient end of things, so becoming more patient has been a bonus.

I have more willpower and nerve.

Both were/are critical, especially once I started sleep training and letting her cry it out. Mantras like: “this is for her health, to be a good sleeper” and “we are all happier when we sleep separately and stay consistent” among many others (I recommend joining the Facebook group “Respectful Sleep Training/Learning”, they have a great list). Also, enduring pregnancy, labor, and postpartum issues/healing can tend to make you feel a strength you have never felt before. If you can get through all that, the feeling on the other side is indescribable.

I am better at managing my time.

I’ve never been one to take hours getting ready, but now I am even quicker. I can usually shower, do makeup and hair and get dressed in 20-25 mins. I give myself extra time usually if I can, to make sure things go well or in case the unexpected pops up. I am fine with relaxing and savoring the moment, but I am also able to multitask when needed to accomplish what needs to be done!

My mood and happiness depends a lot on hers. 


When she is happy, I am happy, plain and simple. Her smile and laugh tug at my heart in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s incredible and awesome.

Exercise is critical.


As I figured they would be, at least for me. If nothing else, my daily workouts typically give me 30 min-1hr of time that is just for me. Even if Lydia is along in the jogging stroller, she is so content that it allows me to get in the zone. I am by far a better mom when I have been able to get my heart rate up and clear my head.

…but so are red wine and coffee.

Yup. Two vices I am so, so thankful for!! 🙂

There’s so much more, but there’s a baby crying for me in her crib upstairs. However, in closing, I just have to say how much I truly love being a mom. I didn’t always believe people when they told me how much they love parenthood, but it truly is a joy like no other. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this wild ride, but I am so, so grateful that God chose me to care for His child, Lydia Grace.


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