waiting for a baby

I knew going into this pregnancy that I wanted to be sure that we felt fully prepared/nested/ready in the weeks leading up to the birth. Since baby doesn’t seem to want to drop by all too early, every day since early last week has given me extra time to do more than I thought I possibly would. I thought I’d write a little list of what I/we’ve done during this nesting time… probably just to look back on with envy when I can’t do this much the second time around! But also because I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished and content in what we’ve done.

  • fully cleaned the house. I’m talking not just vacuum, mop, and dust, but cleaned baseboards, ceiling and floor fans, inside of the oven, washed the duvet cover, sorted the entire basement, sorted closets and drawers, cleaned inside/outside of fridge and cupboards…
  • classes: breastfeeding class, childbirth class, infant & child CPR, installed and got a safety check for the carseat (the police officer told us we were the only ones that day that had actually installed it correctly. Way to go, daddy!)
  • grooming: highlights, pedi, Roo got groomed too 😉
  • workouts: running, long walks, a few cardio/strength and barre classes (although I feel self-conscious in them even though I enjoy them and still feel good doing them)
  • freezer meals: two types of enchiladas, lasagna, pulled pork, meatballs, taco meat, broccoli cheese quiche, grilled chicken breasts, grilled chicken strips, cracker candy
  • maternity photo shoot: Jim surprised me for our first anniversary by planning a photo shoot for his “paper” gift! My friend Betsy did an awesome job capturing us– the light was perfect for the shoot! I wasn’t sure I wanted/needed maternity photos, but now I am so glad we have them!

This past weekend, we took advantage of the time and headed down to the shore on Saturday. We got there at about 9:30 am when things were still quiet, but it picked up quickly around 10:30-11. Jim went for a beach run, and when he got back I realized that sounded way better to me than running when we got home. So, he agreed to go for another with me! The breeze and water felt awesome, although I’m sure I was a spectacle running in my maternity suit… ha. Then he made me one of my fave meals– coconut shrimp! I added some rosemary redskin potatoes and a strawberry salad for some yummy sides.

Sunday we woke up and I made us breakfast, then we headed out to Wissahickon park outside of Philly. We made it to the outskirts of this park on one of our long training runs, but we wanted to explore more on a hike. The park is huge and beautiful, and it’s amazing that it’s right outside of Philly! One source of frustration for us was some of the more narrow/steep trails allowed biking access, and having to anticipate/grab Roo every time we heard bikers coming was pretty stressful. We were able to let her off of her leash for the most part, though, which is probably the best thing in the world in her book. She was so thrilled to be free that she continuously made grunting/panting noises just out of sheer excitement… it may be silly, but it makes me so happy when she is so happy too. 🙂 I’m sure that feeling will just expand 100% with a human baby. 🙂

Apologies for total slackage on photos this weekend. Not feeling the most photogenic, but that’s no excuse!


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