pregnant things.

I thought I should document a bit of my pregnancy before it’s over! So crazy that I’m at the 34 week mark.

Feeling: Honestly, I count my blessings every day for how well I have felt through this whole thing. At this point, I fluctuate between being really excited to being incredibly anxious and nervous, which I am sure is completely natural. Last week, I had a night where I could not fall asleep, probably due to a short cat nap taken previously at 6pm.. which is also probably my only known nap of my pregnancy. I had been on my feet most of the afternoon at the Newseum with Jim, and came back to his hotel room with a raging headache. I closed my eyes and put my head on his lap and actually was able to doze off. ANYWAY, during the time I was trying to fall asleep, I started to get a really panicked and anxious feeling mostly regarding the fact that I feel like I’m never going to be ready to make a decision about naming this child. EVERY name that we like also comes with something I do not like about said name. Too trendy, too traditional, don’t like the nickname, too long… on and on. Somehow I know we will decide when the time comes, but MAN is this naming thing hard. Physically, I feel very good for the most part, with occasional bouts of back pain and some pretty gnarly leg cramps at times. I can deal with that stuff, though, and it’s nothing debilitating.

Most Difficult: Well, there are two if I had to choose. The first is that I get really tired of the whole “you should/n’t… you’re pregnant” comments. Like, carrying a few bags to my car. I shouldn’t carry bags?! How in the h#$% do you think I am going to get them in the house once I get home? Yes, I’m going to carry them! Basically, I don’t like the “helpless” stigma that people attach to pregnant women. My second most difficult would definitely be abstaining from alcohol. I feel like so many women do this so much better than me and never complain, but when my friends and family are having cocktails, I want one, too! Especially now that it’s summer and the good beer is coming out (I’m not even big on beer, but if I see an Oberon or Summer Shandy, I want!), and it’s Moscow Mule and Margaritas on the back porch weather… sigh. I can’t wait to have me some libations, kay?! 😉

Workouts: Now that the weather is shaping up, running takes precedence over the gym for me. I’m running 4-5 days a week, 3-4 miles a day, and then taking a barre or cardio/weights class on my 6th day. I also take Roo for a 1-2 mile walk just about every day, too. I always try to take Sundays off with the exception of a doggy walk. I feel good when I run, and other than feeling a bit more sluggish, feel the most “normal” when I am out there pounding the pavement.

Best Purchases: I love our crib, and also got this nursing robe (the color of mine is a little different) that I love. Also, our rocker is pretty great, too. I will post a pic of the nursery once it’s all finished! Finally, I ordered a diaper bag the other day and can’t wait to get it!

Best Read: The Happiest Baby on the Block gives great advice on simple, no-nonsense approaches to calming baby that seem to make good sense. I’ve really enjoyed what I have learned from this book. Also, of course, the preggo bible: What to Expect When You’re ExpectingI’ve been reading the chapter on labor lately, and it has helped me to really envision how it will all go (or how it won’t!).

Cravings: Ice cream has stayed steadfast, but recently I’ve been craving fruit-based desserts (cobblers, crisps, bars, etc.) topped with vanilla ice cream. Strawberries have been on sale, so I made this Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake and, this week, strawberry crumble bars. I also cannot get enough cereal for some reason! Basically, sugar upon sugar. I’m trying to manage the sweet tooth, but it rages strong every day! I was listening to a podcast and this chick was talking about how much she craved chicken, like just plain chicken breasts. WHAT?! I could only WISH that was what I craved!!

Most Helpful: I took a breastfeeding class a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed the nurse’s approach to the class. She gave a lot of helpful info and answered questions really well. I was thankful there was another woman who had a lot of questions, because I can never seem to think of any in those situations!

…and that about covers most of my pregnancy feelings at this point!

Version 2

34 weeks 3 days! 




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