friday faves vol III

It’s been a good, productive week around here, even though we got a late start on it by staying in Cleveland after my baby shower for an extra day. Jim is in DC for a few weeks, but on Sunday I get to join him for a few days, so I’m looking forward to that! While I miss him a ton when he’s gone, I will say that having the bed to myself and not having to worry too much about dinner are two things I’m enjoying. Gotta look on the bright side, and when your husband’s away and you don’t really have any good friends where you live: it’s the little things! Not that Jim would ever demand dinner if I didn’t want to cook (he often cooks, actually), but I always feel like we need to have something planned out if we are eating together (or I just usually WANT to have something planned). Not to mention food doesn’t go all that far when it’s both of us– when it’s just me, I can usually make a meal and stretch it for at least a lunch and another dinner. Leftovers are the bomb in my book… I never understand when people say they won’t eat them!! Anyway, let’s return to something I said I was going to do weekly a long time ago and have failed to do…friday faves!

  • Catastrophe– This is a series on Amazon Prime about a couple who conceive after a one night stand (she’s from London, he’s from the US). I’ve watched the first 3 episodes and am enjoying it so far! Really anything about being pregnant is enjoyable for me because the situations resonate so well.51xQydvfhDL._SX940_
  • Strawberry spinach salads- My mother in law had all the fixins for this when we visited last weekend, and I whipped up two for us to enjoy while we were there. Since then, I’ve made like 10. 🙂 I’m enjoying the feta/red onion/poppyseed dressing combo with it, but have done a few variations and threw chicken on it today for lunch. Strawberries are finally on sale at Wegman’s, and momma needs more iron to keep that blood pumpin’ strong, so this is a winning combo for me right now!IMG_0727
  • Familiar faces- The last few weeks I have ended up subbing at the same elementary school, and it has been great to have people who remember my name (even some kiddos, and they even pronounced my last name correctly!). It probably comes as no surprise that good subs are hard to come by, and some teachers have made comments to me about it– I’m sure that subs with actual teaching experience are few and far between. Anyway, it’s just nice to know or at least be familiar with several people now, and to know where the easy bathroom access is, etc! 🙂
  • Choir- I joined the church choir after Christmas, and while I had to miss quite a few practices and Masses due to our winter/spring travels, I have really enjoyed singing again and meeting some people through it. It’s nice to feel like I actually belong as a part of something here in the community, and all the singing I have done has helped me gain my range back a bit. After not formally singing since high school, the church choir has been a fun way to get back into it without being too serious. Bonus: I have officially accomplished #18: Sing in public!! Sorry I don’t have any pictures or video to document it.
  • The generosity of family and friends- I’ve had two baby showers, and once again I have been blown away by our family and friends and all they do to share in our joy as we prepare to welcome our little one. It’s so much more fun to share it all with those we love!
  • Harper Rose- My sweet, giggly, beautiful niece is 2 today! 2 years ago I was in the hospital with my sister, brother in law, and his sister to welcome this little nugget, and it was such a neat experience. Even though a c-section prevented me from seeing the birth, it was an honor to be involved and to meet her moments after she came into the world! She is a big source of joy and light in our lives, and she is crazy nuts about Roo.. just watch this video. Gets me every time.12439350_10154173048867148_1153810290910648556_n

Have a great weekend!!




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