baby update

It’s been a while since I have written anything about baby! But believe me, it’s about all I think about these days…

Last Friday marked 20 weeks. halfway through already– so. crazy.


baby o!


We saw baby move a lot on during the ultrasound, sucking his/her thumb, putting both hands on the side of his/her face (the tech called that “The Home Alone”…awesome), and as baby was moving it really helped me to register what the movements actually feel like, as they would coincide with what I was seeing on the screen as the pressure was on my belly. Anyway, baby’s measurements are ALL normal, all prenatal testing has been normal, heart rate is good. We are thankful.

I then had a ultrasound inside my uterus (not sure of the name.. but I think you get the picture?). Things looked good there for the most part, except that I have a “low-lying” placenta, which is currently covering my cervix. The tech said that in many cases, the placenta will move up and out of the way as the uterus expands. I’m hoping that since my belly/uterus is still so small, it just has a lot of growing to do. They will check it closer to my due date, and hopefully it will have resolved by then. If not, it pretty much means c-section guaranteed. I’m so, so hopeful I can have a vaginal birth, but I know that healthy baby and me is the ultimate goal. Praying, praying.. up, up, and away, pesky placenta! (not really.. I know the placenta is pretty key!)


Still keeping on! I actually joined a gym a little over a month ago and have been taking lots of classes.. Group Active, P90x Live! (INTENSE class), Group Power.. loving them. I’m to the point where I have to be careful about lying on my back, so I usually just incline a step to do my core work or use a ball. I’ve also gotten back to barre a little bit (not at my gym), and love how I feel during/after that. It’s somewhat obvious enough that my little pooch is a baby belly when I wear tight workout tops, so I’ve started to tell all the instructors and they have been very encouraging. I plan to be that girl hopping around with a basketball stomach if possible! I am not running a ton, but Jim, Roo and I did go for one today and it still felt fine. I’m sure I am slower than usual, but that’s why I no longer track timing on my runs– no need to beat myself up about time.


Still really loving sweet and salty and carby food, and not loving my veggies so much. However, they no longer turn me off, so I make myself get them in with my meals. I made Jim a German chocolate cake for his birthday and, aside from 2 pieces, he and I have tackled the whole thing the last few days… eek.

Confession: MaryBeth and her new boy came to visit over the weekend, and we went out to a BYOB italian place for a special dinner for Jim. I decided I would have a glass of red wine to celebrate. I’ve read a lot about occasional light drinking while pregnant, and I feel confident that a little bit every now and then is not going to affect anything. That glass of Apothic Red tasted SO so so good, but the next morning I felt like I had drank 8 glasses. Probably due to not sleeping well that night as well as having a huge slice of cake around 11pm as well, but it kind of made me rethink wanting that occasional glass. Kind of.


We purchased this crib last week. I initially fell in love with the design, but the reviews were outstanding as well. It is pretty inexpensive as far as cribs go, so I really hope it lasts. Jim assembled it and it seems very sturdy.

We also moved our desk into the room– we will refinish it and put the changing pad on it. It should make for a great (FREE) changing table! It’s already starting to look like a nursery up there!

On a final note, on Sunday night (Valentine’s Day!) I was laying in bed trying to drift off and I felt a feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t place. It wasn’t gas… and then I felt it again. And again. And I finally thought: that’s BABY! So yes, I can definitely say I have felt a lot of movement since then, and Jim has even been able to feel it! I thought it would take a long time to feel it on the outside, but you definitely can. It has made me smile all week when I have felt it.. hiii little one! 



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