revisiting the list

As I begin the countdown toward the big 3-0, I think it’s time to revisit my list and tweak it a bit.

Since I am pregnant (let’s just say, didn’t anticipate that one when I drafted this at 27, although knew it could be a slight possibility), some of these items on my list just are absolutely not do-able in the next 7 months (and let’s face it.. July is going to be an absolute wash!). So, some tweaking is necessary.. but I still feel pretty proud of where I am with it all:

30 Before 30

1. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours-completed 10.6.13 & 5.23.14
2. Travel Europe- that was our plan for Spring 2016. Then… baby. We discussed at length whether or not we should still just go, but ultimately decided we need to keep our finances in check considering all of our big changes. A few smaller trips will have to suffice until maybe, hopefully, one day we can do a Europe trip.
3. Volunteer somewhere new- completed 12.7.13
4. Knit something- blah. I tried to learn to knit. I just don’t have the dexterity/patience. Excuses, excuses.
5. Do a polar plunge- Okay, definitely one I wanted to do. But I procrastinated, and now of course cannot do pregnant. SO. I am swapping this one with RUN A FULL MARATHON, completed 11.18.16. I think that’s a fair trade!!!
6. Fall in love-Completed 2013-2014 🙂 Married 2015!
7. Document my experiences- scrapbooks (digital ones)- Completed 2014/2015. I made two albums- one for our dating anniversary recording our first year together, and another of our wedding. Could still do more, but glad to at least have those!
8. Get better at golf- well, frankly, I don’t much care about golf nor have time/money to spend on it. Hmm.. what can I sub for this?
9. Buy a house/condo-Completed 2014. We are now landlords of said property!
10. Cook something completely daunting- i.e. lobsters-Jim and I also made lobster tails for Christmas Eve this past year.. not as daunting as real lobsters, but still a bit nerve-racking because a mistake made is an expensive one. We even had to do it without power! Still have time to brainstorm more on this one. I looked up “difficult to make” recipes and paella and beef wellington caught my eye.
11. Take a trip with my best girlfriends-completed 11.14.13-11.17.13
12. Watch a “must see” movie I have never seen (Schindler’s List, The Green Mile, The Breakfast Club..)- I fell asleep watching The Breakfast Club and Annie Hall. Perhaps need to go a different route!
13. Read 30 books- getting there!
14. Give blood- again, procrastinated and can’t. But now I’ve had to have my blood drawn quite a bit for preggo stuff. I’m going to sub this with: Get upper wisdom teeth pulled.
15. Start a new club or group at school- well, I joined two new clubs in Haddonfield… does that count?
16. Invest in my retirement- completed 10.18.13
17. Visit the West-Completed Spring 2014
18. Sing in public in some sort of capacity (karaoke does not count)-done! 1.20.16-ongoing. I will post about this soon.
19. Spend time with God daily-continuing 
20. Adopt a pet friend for Gus-Completed August 2014
21. Throw a surprise party for someone- hmm.. I still have a few months!
22. Reconnect with an old friend- another one I probably won’t get to. Honestly, it’s hard enough to connect with my good friends at this point in our lives. I think the fact that I have had to make new friends in the last year should trump this one.. so let’s say “Make a new friend” for this one. 🙂
23. Go on the Kairos retreat- wanted to do badly. Couldn’t do.. last year I would have definitely gone, but we had.. a wedding? Something really important that I couldn’t skip. 😦
24. Visit somewhere in Michigan that I have never been–completed 9.29.13, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
25. Bake something new and difficult-Well, I made a layered German Chocolate Cake for Jim’s birthday last year, and now it’s a birthday tradition for me to make him a german chocolate cake. It’s pretty involved… wish I would have documented it!
26. Skydive, do a hot air balloon ride, bungee jump, or something extreme- for my 30th birthday, I really wanted to do one of these. But at that point I will be a breastfeeding mom, and I think it’s a bit selfish to want to jump out of a plane at that point. Probably the most extreme thing I have done in the last year is jump from the bridge (that’s the seat where the captain sits) of our catamaran on our honeymoon.. not very extreme at all!
27. Maintain a new friendship- Well, I already covered this one. I am working on making a few good friends here in Haddonfield.. it’s not easy!
28. Commemorate Grace’s memory in a new way– in lieu of wedding favors, Jim and I made donations to Grace and Thomas’s scholarship funds.
29. Start a blog (is that cheating?)-Completed 2013. I wish I put more effort into this thing, but it gets stuck on the back burner sometimes most of the time. 
30. Learn a new sport, skill or hobby- I joined a new gym? I’m learning how to become a mom? 🙂

17/30 at this point. Hopefully I will get a little closer in the coming months…


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