preg cravings

I’m not sure whether it’s all in my head (most likely), but I have definitely been hit with the weird as well as totally typical pregnancy cravings. The list so far:

  • Movie theater popcorn-with lots of butter. No joke.. I’ve consumed at least 3 small bags in the last month. I used to be able to go to a movie without getting popcorn, and now the thought sounds blasphemous to me. I’m pretty sure today I went to the movie by myself just so I could eat popcorn. Joy was good too, though.
  • Cheddar & peanut butter crackers. I like that I get some protein with this snack.
  • Salami/Italian sandwiches. I can’t explain it. Maybe the saltiness? I’ve always been a salami fan, but turkey has gone by the wayside these days.
  • Cottage cheese and canned peaches or pineapple. Okay, this one is totally out of left field. My pregnancy app, MyPregnancyToday, suggested it as a healthy snack full of protein, and that night I laid awake dreaming of it. I’ve NEVER liked cottage cheese.. the consistency turned me off too much.. but I can’t get enough of this strange, strange combo.
  • Pickles & olives. Typical. I knew before I ever got pregnant I’d want these things– I’ve always loved them, but now I crave them.
  • Ice cream. Again, typical.. but usually something that takes a backseat to other desserts in the wintertime. Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather, but it’s tasting extra creamy/yummy lately. Speaking of, if you haven’t had Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough, get it immediately.
  • Caesar salads. This one is not as strong as it was during my first trimester, but it was one of my very first cravings (along with Olive Garden salad & breadsticks.. which I have yet to satisfy).
  • Fruit. Fresh strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, grapefruit, a good clementine… gimme.
  • Diet ginger ale. I like mixing it with cherry concentrate to create a grown up kiddie cocktail. And when I’m eating out, I just order an actual kiddie cocktail. 🙂

As you can see, there aren’t many healthy things on this list. I’ve tried to get more veggies in my diet by making some green smoothies and making sure I have some salad with my meals.. but I haven’t made brussels sprouts, broccoli, or other green veggies like I usually do. I know I need to get more in my diet, but it’s a battle between these cravings and what I know I need!

Luckily, all things considered, I’ve only gained about 3 lbs so far, but I know it’s more than just weight that I need to watch. But I feel a little justified in that I am not consuming calories through alcohol like I normally would, and that I am still very actively working out. If my workouts slide, I am really going to need to be careful.


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