the new year

well, I have not made good on my resolve to post more. Getting pregnant (!!!), losing my grandma, and the holidays really kept me from blogging in any sort of capacity. Oh well.. some is better than none.

2015 was quite a year, with some serious highs and low lows. It encompassed:

  • nonstop wedding planning/excitement
  • losing a former student
  • visiting Philly/finding Haddonfield
  • saying goodbye to St. Francis
  • Katie & Kyle’s wedding
  • Candace & Scotts wedding
  • my bridal shower, bachelorette party
  • our wedding. the best day ever.
  • minimoon in Omena
  • Jenna & Jan’s wedding
  • moving to Haddonfield, being without our stuff for 3 weeks!
  • Alexa & Matt’s wedding and visiting Chicago
  • Jack & Nydia’s wedding in Puerto Rico
  • Our double honeymoon with Katie & Kyle in the British Virgin Islands
  • starting my Master’s classes & starting to substitute
  • running a Marathon
  • traveling home for Thanksgiving, being with Nana in her last moments and planning and attending her funeral
  • announcing our pregnancy to my parents
  • traveling to Cleveland for an early Christmas– for my brother/sister-in-law’s gender reveal party of their twins (boys!), and for our pregnancy announcement
  • hosting my entire family here for 3 days of food, playing, and touring Philly
  • then traveling to NYC with said family and guiding them through their first experiences with the city.

…whew. See what I mean about highs and lows?!

..on to 2016:

Now that we don’t have any big trips or other major events on the horizon for a while, a big goal of mine is to become more active in our new community. Today, I toured and took a class at a gym I am looking at joining– I’ve been going to a few small studios, but I need something with more class offerings to keep me going this winter and through this pregnancy. It felt great to be back in a group class– today I did P90X Live!

I’m also planning to get more involved in our church. First of all, we need to become parishioners. I am also going to attend the choir practice this week, and make good on my goal to “sing in public”! I know it will feel great to get back to singing/performing a bit, and a plus that it is a ministry all on its own. Jim and I plan to do something with the Young Catholic professionals group, and I also want to do some women’s bible study classes. Finally, I’d like to find a good place to volunteer– I have one organization in mind that seems to fit– it’s called “Robin’s Nest” believe it or not!

And finally, my big goal is to get ready for baby. I have so much to learn, so many purchases that need to be made, etc.. it’s a bit overwhelming, but I will take it one step/day at a time.


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