friday faves vol II

Hello all! Happy Friday!

It’s officially Marathon Weekend here in the Okorn household! Our friends come into town tonight, and we are hosting a big spaghetti dinner here Saturday night (PLUS the big OSU/MSU game.. go green!!!). Then Sunday is the main event!! I am so excited/nervous/every emotion.

Here’s what I’m digging this week:

  • Lululemon                                                                                                             I’ll tell you what: when my friends first started buying Lululemon apparel, I thought they were absolutely silly for spending such an absurd amount on clothes they are going to sweat like banshees in most of the time. However, once I started working out daily, I realized the importance of comfortable, well-fitting, well-constructed workout clothes. I still tend to get most of my pieces from Old Navy, but while marathon training I told myself I would treat myself at the end to a piece from Lulu. And I did just that tonight– I got a Scuba II sweater in a mauve color that will be great for lounging and wearing on my way to/from the gym. Bonus that it was $30 off! I also tried on a zip up that I really wanted.. but $128 was a bit pricey for me. Maybe Santa. Also, today I grabbed a great deal on a local resale Facebook page from a woman for three pairs of Wunder Unders for $40! Score!
  •                                                                                                  Jim’s family always does a gift exchange, and this year I initiated taking things a bit more high-tech! This website makes it easy to “draw” names (it assigns you a person), and you can also upload your wishlist to the site. It’s been perfect for us!
  • My Faith

It’s been an emotional week for me, as my grandma is in hospice and I have been torn between thinking I should go home to praying I can run the marathon and get home to be with her before she passes. I find comfort knowing I spent two days with her when I was home in September, and a part of me would rather have those be my final memories of her. But I trust that if I am supposed to be there during her final hours, God will grant me that opportunity. As a result, I have been really leaning on Jesus this week to give me strength to get through workdays, have difficult conversations, and to provide me with the wisdom to tell her everything I truly feel about her before she goes. Tough stuff, for sure, but I am confident in the peace that will come for her upon entering God’s kingdom. And if she’s not entering, let me tell you– no one is. That woman has spread God’s love in more ways than I can count.

Three is the most I can muster today. I was going to add more, but Roo had an episode after going to the groomer’s last night which resulted in eye abrasions and the cone of shame for my poor, poor girl. It’s been a rough week.

I’m grateful that Thanksgiving is almost here and that I can go home for a bit. It will undoubtedly be a difficult one this year, but I am still looking forward to being surrounded by loved ones.

Have a great weekend, all!


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