life is good today

the okorns had quite the fun time this past weekend! I am sorry, though, as I was not very good about documenting it with photos..

We spent most of Friday evening on the back deck, enjoying the ambiance with the pub lights we put up and drinking a few margaritas with chips and fresh guac.. I swear I am obsessed with this combo lately! We wanted to keep things light and get to bed early to wake up ready to tackle our long run.

7 miles was on the training plan for this week, but we wanted to switch the long runs since we will be in Chicago next weekend–7 miles will be a lot more doable than 12 while we are on a getaway. So, 12 miles it was!

They were long and incredibly hot miles. I listened to a new podcast, Mystery Show, which I liked because the narrator solves a “mystery” in each episode. I did stop after each mile from miles 7-12 to take a drink of water after each mile, but I didn’t try to eat any gummy candy, and looking back I think I should have. That extra sugar boost would have helped me kick it into gear the last few miles.



Anyway, 12 miles are done. It’s crazy to think I am basically half-marathon ready at this point, but I still have so much training to go. I did realize for some reason I have been planning the training plan to end November 14, but our race isn’t until the 22nd! So technically I am kind of ahead in training, but I’d rather be that way than the other way around, especially with our honeymoon right during some important training weeks.

After the run, I wanted to check out the farmer’s market. It was cute– small, but I got some good peaches, tomatoes and corn. I definitely realized the TC farmer’s market is crazy big after seeing this one, but glad there is one in our town anyway!

We then lounged for a few hours before heading close to the Citizen’s Bank stadium for the Zac Brown Band concert! We went early to meet up with two friends, Dylan & Katy, to have a few cocktails and dinner before the concert. Dylan & Katy didn’t have concert tickets, but we have been wanting to get together with them since moving here, so since we were coming closer to them we took advantage.

We headed into the stadium a little after seven because we wanted to be sure we caught The Avett Brothers, who were the opening band. They were very talented and I recognized a few songs, mainly from my constant listening of the “Mumford and Sons” Pandora station.

ZBB put on a great show! It was a very warm summer night (we may have tried to stay cool with a few overpriced beers), and they did a lot of covers which I always enjoy. They played most of their hit songs and not too many from their new CD (which I was worried would be the focus), and had a great energy and talent. They also brought out Amos Lee, who is from Philly, on stage for a song. I saw Amos Lee at Interlochen a few years ago and love his music, so that was a fun surprise!

philly in the background

philly in the background

Two songs I wish they had played: “Free” and “Whatever It Is”. But two isn’t too bad! 🙂

Sunday we mainly relaxed and recovered from the exciting saturday, but we did catch a Sunday evening Mass at a different church, St. John in Collingswood. We enjoyed the priest and his homily as well as the cantor. It’s kind of neat to be able to check out a few different churches and see what best fits us. We still have yet to check out Christ the King in Haddonfield.. it just seems like the timing has not been right! But neat to experience a few different churches before setting on a home parish.

On the agenda this week: a trip to Chicago for Alexa & Matt’s wedding! Woo!


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