makin thangs

Once upon a time a few years ago, if I can recall correctly, Lindsey told me that she and Mike made recipes often from a cookbook called Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry. Yes, it’s hard to take it seriously from the title, but I recently decided to try to expand my cooking horizons a bit by opening up and actually using some of my cookbooks versus my usual Pinterest/Google recipes. This cookbook is full of relatively healthy recipes as well as dietary tips, shopping tips, and some pretty good puns if I must admit.

I decided on two recipes to try this week: Livin on the Vedge and Indian Appelous 500.

Livin on the Vedge



Basically, this a recipe that does not really need to be a recipe. You could use any veggies, and mix whatever kind of dressing you want. It makes a TON, so be ready for several lunches made! The most labor intensive part of this recipe is chopping all the veggies, of course. I got out my handy chopper to help me, though!



Roasted the veggies, cooked the couscous, and then mixed all with the dressing plus fresh basil and feta. I felt that it needed more of the dressing, but then again, I like a lot of dressing on things.

Again.. I don’t think a recipe necessarily needs to be followed here.. in fact, I kind of dislike having to follow a recipe like this.. but if you’re looking for an idea for a salad, this is a good one! As a side note, I think the sweet potatoes could have been roasted longer.


Indian Appelous 500

As previously mentioned, we have been on a curry/Indian kick lately, so I thought I would try a homemade version.



Luckily I had a sous chef for help with this one– Jim did most of the chopping and measuring, while I spent time tediously de-boning and de-skinning the chicken thighs because I did not look closely enough at the recipe and grabbed the first thing I saw at the grocery store (gotta be aggressive in the meat department at Wegman’s).


the picture doesn’t quite do it justice..

We also had to halve the recipe since again, I messed up in the chicken department. Regardless, the aroma those spices made while cooking was scrumptious, and the apples were a neat addition to this dish. Plus, it made hubby happy. Winner, winner, (Indian) chicken dinner.

Other Items of Note

We have three weddings in the next two months, and I am trying to find outfits for them. I haven’t had much success, but I did order this one from (except a different top, since it was for display only apparently? I couldn’t find it on the site…

trying the crop top thang, y'all.

trying the crop top thang, y’all.

On another note, Roo has been incredibly difficult lately. She has basically reverted back to new-puppy stage, pooping and peeing everywhere in the house and refusing to sleep in her cage. I don’t blame her, because when our stuff was not here her cage wasn’t either, and I she got used to snuggling with us in bed. However, this can’t keep up, as we miss cuddling with Gus and also know that when we leave her when we are on trips we cannot expect other people to sleep with her.

We tried two nights, but she howls and whines incessantly. We even tried laying next to her cage, which actually worked until I got up to actually go to sleep in my bed.

Anyway, I am pretty frustrated. It feels like all of our training was in vain. I am trying to walk her a bunch and take her out to reinforce going to the bathroom outside, but I am not sure it’s clicking…

Ugh. Puppy probs.

And finally, I got ma hurr did the other day. I chose a salon based on Yelp reviews and because the stylist’s name was Maria (ha), and I had mixed feelings about it after it was all said and done. The process was way different than what I am used to– it only took her a half hour to put my foils in, but then the processing and other stuff took forever. Her apprentice put this “glaze” in my hair that is supposed to help retain the color, but after the hefty price tag at the end of all of my services, I am going to definitely request that we forgo the glaze next time. I am also not going to get my hair cut there– I only ever get a trim, and $55 for a trim is out of this world cray cray to me.

One thing I appreciated was that she did give me a little tutorial on creating beachy waves, and I adored the outcome. Hopefully I can re-create it!



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