Yesterday I was feelin like:


I cannot substitute teach until I fill out a million forms, pay a bunch of fees, and take a training class. I can’t even begin to do much of anything until I am fingerprinted by the State of New Jersey, so I thought I would get myself registered and sign up for a time to be fingerprinted today.

I went through all of the paperwork (twice), found a place and a date (and even then, I had to choose one by the shore and just figured I’d make a beach day of it because the options around here were extremely limited), only to eventually get to the page that said you must present an acceptable form of ID at the fingerprinting site. They list several, but none include military ID.

The issue with this is that the only ID I currently have with my married name is my military ID. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my MI drivers license, and I just sent in my passport to be changed, so it’s that or my social security card that list me as Maria Okorn.

SO. I can’t get fingerprints until I get a new passport. I won’t have a new passport for another 3 weeks. Fingerprints take a few weeks to be processed. THEN I can go through the sub training, and pay all the fees and finish all the paperwork.

Long story short, I won’t even be able to begin subbing until October with the way things are going now. Urg.


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