Well, I must say this past week was much more productive than the week prior. On Friday, I had a meeting for information about substitute teaching. New Jersey contracts their substitutes through a business called Source 4 Teachers, so that was where I had to go for the meeting. The guy leading the meeting was personable and funny, so he kept things moving along quickly. It was good to get the information, but pretty frustrating to hear how much money I am going to have to shell out just to substitute for health tests, fingerprinting, my sub certificate, a one-day training…and on and on. In total, I will have to work about 3 days just to pay for all of the application items. Frustrating. 😦

I also had an interview for a receptionist position at a travel company. I applied to it on a bit of a whim, but then was offered the interview so I decided to go just to see what it was all about. The company is owned by a couple, and I ended up really connecting with the woman who interviewed me. She was super sweet, and we had a lot of connections in our 45-min conversation. Her husband, while also very nice, was skeptical as to why I would want this job, and basically got it out of me that I plan to take classes and eventually go back to teaching. He finally asked me how much notice I could give them before going on to something else, and I was honest and told them I would tell them with plenty of time if/when that happens. They are going to get back to me soon, but I am not sure I would even take it if they offer it to me. While it seems like they would be very flexible schedule-wise, they probably still wouldn’t be as flexible as I need the next few months. And also, on their end, I hesitate to ask them to take the time to train me for a job I don’t foresee doing very long. We will see what they say.. I enjoyed meeting them regardless and sort of feeling back “out there” in the working world, if even for a day!

Friday night Jim was on duty, so I laid low watching Downton Abbey. While I was watching, there was a scene with a lot of hunting dogs in it, and Roo perked right up and started reacting to the dogs on TV. This prompted me to play a few YouTube videos with dogs in them, and her reactions were so hilarious! And yes, my friends, that was my crazy Friday night- playing YouTube videos for my dog. View it here and laugh. 🙂

Saturday morning Jim got off duty and we drove to Pinelands Adventures- about a 45 minute drive into the Wharton State Forest, a protected natural area that we learned takes up 23% of the state of New Jersey! We decided to go with a canoe instead of kayaks because we brought Roo. The river was quite twisty and had a lot of branches/logs to maneuver, which paddling a canoe made it difficult, so next time we will probably go with single kayaks. But it was fun to have her along, and fun to be in the quiet of nature as well! The river was not that busy, so we didn’t have too much of a problem being away from other groups. We did what we were told was a 4-hr paddle in 3 hrs, but we didn’t really stop for any breaks, either. IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2196

After our canoe trip, we had sushi on our minds, so we used another LivingSocial deal for Osaka sushi and hibachi in Collingswood, so we had another BYOB night. Service was great, our rolls were delicious, and again we had a solid dining experience.

I told Jim the picture could be of me and our food this time. :)

I told Jim the picture could be of me and our food this time. 🙂

This morning, we had our long run on the agenda. We did 9, which actually felt easier than the 7 we did two weeks ago, probably thanks in large part to my new kicks that I LOVE- they are Brooks Ghost 7s, and I am so glad I finally got them! I got them for a good deal at Nordstrom Rack also, so a bonus! It really does make a huge difference to have a solid pair of shoes to support my body while running. I also enjoyed some different tunes than I usually listen to, so that helped to keep a bit of variety going too. Here are our stats!


After that we quickly got ready for church, once again going to the 11:15 at Holy Eucharist. After church, we enjoyed lunch at the Haddonfield Bistro, where we ate outside with Roo. Sorry.. forgot pics of that! But I got the Mediterranean Salad & Jim got the lamb burger- both very yummy!

Now we are relaxing and grilling later. I will leave you will a few more photos..

Thursday's dinner- shrimp pesto pasta.. yum!

Thursday’s dinner- shrimp pesto pasta.. yum!


family snugs.


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