settling in

The last three days have been filled with hauling, sorting, moving, and pitching. It is amazing how much stuff the two of us have accumulated over the years, and moving from a house with plenty of storage (or maybe not plenty, but sufficient) to one lacking it is a real puzzle. Throw on top of that many awesome wedding presents that of course we want to use, and you have a real conundrum!

Day one consisted of us basically just telling the movers where we wanted the stuff, but then I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen with one of the movers who would unpack the items and then I would have to figure out where to put it. My job was way harder, fyi! I ended up making the decision to pack away duplicates or even donate the older version of things that we had two of, and some of it we just had to pack away for a later date. Thank heavens for the basement, but we were also trying to fit a garage and basement full of items into the one basement.

Day two was a lot of sorting. It is so hard for me when I come across old cards, letters, and pictures especially. On one hand, I hate holding on to things that take up so much space, but on the other hand, my mom’s voice always rings in my head: “A person’s writing is all you have left of them after they are gone.” It’s hard not to treasure them, and I do love re-reading them, but the only time I ever do is when I am sorting through things!


I did take a break from the unpacking to attend a book club through the Haddonfield Newcomers group. When I learned about the group last Thursday, I ordered the book immediately (Sister by Rosamund Lupton) and spent the weekend reading it. Luckily it was a page-turner, and I appreciated that it was more than a “whodunit”– the incorporation of genetic engineering and curing through genetics was very interesting. However, I, like many of the other women in the book club, was confused by the ending and wondered why the author thought she had to put a weird twist on it all. It seems lately I am loving so many of these reads right until the ending! What gives?! So now I am back to Go Set a Watchman.

Anyway, upon arriving at the book club gathering, I was nervous and excited to meet some new faces. I brought some skewer appetizers: caprese and watermelon, mint and feta along with a bottle of Chateau Grand Traverse wine left over from our wedding. There was SO much good food that I was regretting our decision to make pizzas for dinner, but I did have a few nibbles anyway.

but how could you not eat pizza that looks like THAT and is made with love?!

but how could you not eat pizza that looks like THAT and is made with love?!


The women were super sweet, and I really enjoyed talking to many of them. As I told Jim, I am trying not to bring up Michigan too much–it’s hard not to, but I am sure it gets old hearing how much I love my hometown, haAnyway, I definitely connected with a few gals.. but, as I told Jim, I didn’t get any “dates” yet… haha! That is how it feels sometimes, like I am “dating” for friends! I know I will find some good ones in due time, but I just love having girlfriends to go out with and other couples to do dinners with and such.


Wednesday I went to a morning BodyPump class at Haddonfield Fitness, a small studio I have been going to once a week since we moved here. I remember reading about BodyPump from another blogger, Julie at, and she always raved about the class. So, as soon as we moved here, I searched for BodyPump and found HF! I seriously love the class.. it is an intense strength training class that is a bit “choreographed” in that the repetitions and exercises follow specific songs, but the overall goal is to totally fatigue the muscles– and let me tell you, that is just what it does! My arms were so sore after class that it was hard for me to lift the bins and boxes we were sorting through! A good kind of hurt, of course, but soreness nonetheless. I also took in a cardio circuit class there last week, and I loved the trainer Kelsie’s motivating, no-excuses attitude as well as her verbal explanations and corrections. To me, knowing that my form is right is so important (although often I just wish I could do it MY WAY– aka the easy way!), and it makes a huge difference when you can tell the instructor knows his/her stuff!

Even though I was sore, we powered through and made it all the way through our sorting and purging process! Everything basically has a spot somewhere, even if it is stacked in the basement, and everything we don’t want or need was pitched or donated. Then I spent some time cleaning the house in the aftermath. It is all looking really good, and we have some great plans for decorating and more storage. We picked up this hutch from craigslist so that we can have a place to store bar items and possibly china in the dining room. Our plan is to paint it and get it looking cute alongside our rehabbed table that we fixed up last summer.

of course he has to lay on it.

of course he has to lay on it.

We treated ourselves to froyo after dinner, and I must say, we deserved it!

Another HUGE surprise yesterday was a special delivery. Jim kept saying all morning we needed to make sure we could hear the UPS man so that he could sign for the delivery of his shoes. Well, the shoes came, but what he actually needed to sign for was…….

selfie with the mac!

selfie with the mac!

ahh! My very own Macbook! He told me he wanted to get me a computer for my birthday, and I told him to get me something cheap just to blog and do school work on. However, hubby spoils his wife… and I got an amazing computer. I am seriously loving it, and now I have NO excuses for not updating more frequently!


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