a jersey shore housewife

so now that my primary occupation is the said title of this post (ha), I finally have a little bit of time to get back to blogging! Hopefully I will be able to document my life as a newlywed and New Jersey transplant in a bit more detail than I had.

Let’s start with the positive, shall we?

I absolutely adore our new town- Haddonfield, NJ. It is quaint, historic, full of great boutiques and restaurants, and even has some good running and hiking trails close to our house. Outside of our town, namely in Cherry Hill, is basically every big-box store you could ever set your heart on, so I have been partaking a bit in some good shopping. I need to reign in the clothes shopping, though, because I want to concentrate on decorating our house. But that’s on pause right now.. (more to come on that). I have joined a group called “Haddonfield Newcomers” on Facebook, and they have a book club that is meeting Tuesday, so I am hoping to meet some people through that. I did have coffee with a nice lady who found me on the Newcomers page– she is a teacher as well, and had a lot to tell me about the town.

I also love our house. It is a historic twin located on a tiny, dead-end avenue, with a methodist cemetary on the other side of the backyard fence! However, it was recently updated, and no one has lived in it since the updates. The bathrooms are very nice, appliances brand new, and wood floors refinished. We have a cute front porch and a big back deck, perfect for Roo and for my sunbathing purposes. 🙂 Apart from it not being in TC, I think I actually like it better than the 10th street house. That house had a lot of positives, but it still felt so old to me no matter what we did– I felt like it never seemed to look clean or new. I’m really looking forward to decorating and getting some good, lasting pieces of furniture to really get things grown up around here. 🙂 We purchased a super comfy, cute new couch, but I am not sure our decision on “beige” was a good idea.. the animals already seem bent on de-beiging it! 😦

Now, a few disgruntled thoughts..

Well of course, it’s not Northern Michigan in July. I think I will feel much better about things come fall/winter, but for right now I just want to be at the lake lot with a cheese shop sandwich in my hand, my nieces and nephews playing on the paddleboards, and all the fresh cherries I can eat. I just want to be on the water, so thankfully Jim is taking me to the shore tomorrow. I hope it satisfies my urge a bit.

Secondly, and hugely, the moving company STILL HAS NOT DELIVERED OUR STUFF. I’m so glad I packed all that I did to take with me after we moved from 10th and didn’t put some stuff into the moving van. I have just about everything I need to get by in the kitchen (Jim bought a few things, too), and have made a lot of meals, but I just want to get our things in here and start organizing, sorting, decorating, and making it feel like home. Another few nights sleeping on an air mattress may cause me to see how our new couch works for a night’s snooze..

I will end my rant on this final point, but one thing that is really hard for me is my own sense of identity right now. Two months ago, I was a high school English teacher, I was planning a wedding, I was an active member of a community I adored (and found much of my sense of self in said community), and I had a tough time managing my work and social schedule with all of the things going on in my life. Now, I am a (crazy happy) newlywed… and not much else. On one hand, it is nice, yes.. to be free from pressures pulling me so many different ways. On the other hand, I just don’t know myself without being a teacher and surrounded by my loved ones. It’s a “new me” in a weird, weird way, and I know I will figure it out, but right now I feel like my life lacks much meaning and purpose (ASIDE from my marriage, of course, which I know is of the highest purpose!).

I applied to grad school, and my plan as of right now is to take classes online and substitute. This whole teacher certification/renewal thing has been such a pain. It is so disheartening to not get any specific answers, or to be told to pay money and THEN get answers. It should be easier for everyone, and I hate to think of teachers like myself who want to be teaching but the states’ requirements get in their way too much. Ugh!

To end on a better note, we are still so excited to explore new spots. We took Roo to a nice doggie park the other night, and the other day I bought a LivingSocial deal for an Indian restaurant nearby, so we are grabbin a bottle and heading there shortly (almost all restaurants near here are BYO… ahhhmaaaazzzinnnggg!). AND we’re going to see Zac Brown Band w/ Avett Brothers next month– the perks of living by a larger city!

And tomorrow, of course, is the shore! We will see if it lives up to the hype.. I hope it does!


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