13. read 30 books: the boys in the boat, the husband’s secret, big little lies, the girl on the train

Well well well.. once again, I have not posted in ages. Blame a busy second semester, a very amazing wedding, and a stressful and hectic move! However, I have had time to read a bit since/during those events. I won’t give GoodReads summaries– just a little bit about my thoughts on them.

big-little-lies1 girl hs The-boys-in-a-boatThis book was selected for our book club, and to be honest, after Unbroken I was not really in the mood for another historical nonfiction book centered around the same time period. I decided to download it from Audible, and loved that it was read by Edward Hermann (see my post about Unbroken). The technical descriptions about rowing got quite tedious, but I loved the quotes by Pollcock that began every chapter, and enjoyed the development of Joe, the main character. I also loved the ending, and will admit that I teared up a bit while listening to it on a run!


I had heard a lot of buzz about this one, and definitely did enjoy it. A light beach read for sure, but also did provoke some thoughts, namely about the “for better or for worse” aspect of marital vows.

big-little-lies1I needed a good read for our mini-moon, and I happened upon this book at the community library at the local bank, of all places! But I was excited to get my hands on it, as I had enjoyed The Husband’s Secret. I honestly think I liked this one better– again, a good “beach read” and page-turner, but I liked the way all the stories eventually came together and liked the differing perspectives. The setting in Australia was interesting as well. Some of it was a bit contrived, but entertaining nonetheless!

girlAgain, a book that had a lot of hype as the next Gone Girl. Gone Girl it was not, but again, it was intriguing and I enjoyed the changing perspectives. The main character’s alcoholism makes her an unreliable narrator, but yet she is the most believable of them all! A big disappointment for me was the ending, however. I was expecting more of a “twist”, and thought Hawkins would come up with something more interesting for the “whodunit” part of the story.

Currently reading: Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman!! I have been SO excited for this. So far, it seems to start out in much the same way as To Kill a Mockingbird, but I have to remind myself that Watchman was essentially her first draft of Mockingbird. I am also awaiting an Amazon delivery of Sister by Rosamund Lupton, a read that was selected by a book club I am joining here in Haddonfield! It meets next Tuesday, so I have to get cracking on reading it once it gets here so I have something to talk about with these new faces. 🙂


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