13. read 30 books: unbroken

Due to a recent interest in a very old blog post, I decided I should actually update this previously seldom-viewed blog! Needless to say, wedding planning has been a part time nearly full time labor of love, but I still have had time to do a little bit of reading!

9780739319697I have been wanting to read Unbroken for a while now, so when our book club selected it, I was excited to be able to do so. On a weird/semi-unrelated note, I see the audio version is read by Edward Herrmann (Gilmore Girls grandpa), who I actually met on Mackinac Island and who sadly just passed away last week.

..But I digress. It is hard for me to write about my overall take on Unbroken because I had so many varying feelings when I read this book. I was intrigued and engrossed at the beginning, went through periods where I struggled being interested in it (I know.. I apologize to those who adore the book), and also went through periods where I just did not want to pick it up and read the next thing that Louis had to endure. Ultimately, it was the ending that was the redemption for the book and for Louis too– I won’t spoil it, but the ending really made the book especially meaningful for me. And I heard the movie chopped it all out– way to go, Hollywood.

So do I recommend this book? Absolutely. It is one of those that everyone needs to read in his or her lifetime. I can’t promise you will breeze through it, but I can promise it will be a very rewarding reading experience.


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