6. fall in love

where do I begin?!


I could not have imagined a year ago when I created this blog that I would be engaged to someone I truly feel is the love of my life. I never really quite believed that people got engaged/married because they truly were madly in love with that person and that they just “knew”– in the back of my mind, I always thought that most of the time they were just settling or together because they were afraid to NOT be together. What a cynic I was! 🙂


I truly believe that God meant for me to be Jim’s wife someday. We met at the perfect time, we share so many common interests and values, and he brings out the best in me, and I hope I do the same for him.  Our relationship gets better with every shared experience, every challenge tackled, and every joyful moment.


I am so excited for this journey as we we prepare and enter into marriage. I found my “one”, and I could not be more certain about that. It is an amazing feeling.



2 thoughts on “6. fall in love

  1. love this Maria! You guys were made to be together ! I just rediscovered your blog now that man people are sharing your arts chicken jalapeño recipe on facebook. Let’s get this bad boy back up and running! Also! Maria, look at all the amazing things you’ve done since you started this. Incredible !!!!

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