on my 28th birthday

well kids, here we are! 1 full year into my “30 before 30” quest. I’m proud to say that I tackled quite a few of these goals, and am working on several others. Here is a recap into what I did over my 27th year:

1. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours- completed 10.6.13 AND 5.24.14. Yes- I did it twice- the Sleeping Bear Half Marathon & the Bayshore Half Marathon. My final time of Bayshore was a little slower than Sleeping Bear at 1:41:16, but I also trained a little bit less due to the less-than-desirable spring weather.

2. Volunteer somewhere new- I have been volunteering as much as possible with Robin’s Nest, a support group for children who have lost a parent that organizes monthly outings. I absolutely love this organization and the people in it, but I wish I could make it more often! It seems like every month the outings occur on days I already have plans to be out of town or commitments. 

3. Buy a house/condo- Technically it wasn’t my purchase, but I have put a lot of work/dollas into this venture of the pilot’s. More to come as it needs its own blog post!

4. Invest in my retirement- done. boring, but glad I did it and need to do a little more here in the near future.

5. Visit somewhere in Michigan that I have never been- last October, we visited Pictured Rocks, and I am hankering to go back there again!

6. Visit the West- we traveled the California coast in March, ending in Portland. It was incredible!

7. Adopt a pet friend for Gus- see my most recent post. Absolutely love little miss Roo!

8. Start a blog- whoop.

9. Fall in love- someday, I’ll write a post on this as well. But it absolutely happened within this last year, and I could not be happier. 🙂 🙂 

In addition to these big 9, I’m working on: reading 30 books, spending time with God daily, and maintaining a new friendship.

I’m proud of what I accomplished so far on the list, and I am looking forward to knocking out more in year 28! Cheers to the year ahead.


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