20. adopt a pet friend for Gus

photo 5 (2)

For Gus, or for us? 🙂 

We’ve been talking for quite a while about wanting a dog, but we just weren’t sure we were really ready to commit to such an undertaking. When Jim bought the house (another post I need to write!), we realized the backyard was perfect for a pooch. Timing never seemed quite right, as we were both on the go so much this summer, but with a week of finally no huge commitments/travel, decent weather for potty training, and some serious puppy fever, I began a more serious search.

I’ve been interested in the cavapoo or cavoodle ever since meeting and puppy sitting for my friend’s dog Ozzy. He is so cuddly, good natured, and just heartbreakingly cute. Another couple friend of ours bought the same breed shortly after as well. 

first visit to the vet!

first visit to the vet!

The cavoodles are a smaller breed, and I’ve always considered myself a more large breed type of person– I’ve never been particularly drawn to “cutsey” dogs, and wanted a running partner. However, in thinking about the upkeep and potential massive shedding of a larger breed,I thought maybe for a first dog a smaller size would be a better fit. And she will still possibly want to run with me a little, or at least go on some nice, long walks eventually (when a collar actually fits)!

Anyway, after lots of online research, emails, and phone calls, I hopped in my car early Monday morning to go pick up our little sweetie! I was so nervous driving down (4 long long hours!), thinking that she wouldn’t look anything like her picture or her temperament would be off, but as soon as the breeder handed her to me, she nuzzled right into me and was content to cuddle non-stop. Then, the breeder put her in a little playpen so I could watch her play, and as she bounced, pranced, and wrestled her toys, my heart of course melted.

my little girlfriend

my little girlfriend

Gus was very interested in her at first, following her from room to room and freaking out when she would try to play with him, but he has since retreated upstairs and stayed put for the most part. I’m hoping he warms up to her more and gets more comfortable being throughout the whole house again soon, but it will take some time,

investigating this furball

investigating this furball

As of right now, Jim has yet to meet her, but should very shortly! He has been away this week, and I hated to get her without him, but knew she would be gone if I didn’t act quickly. Since he hasn’t met her, we haven’t had time to sit down and solidify a name, so hopefully we can decide on that tonight.

I’m head over heels in puppy love and learning a lot about raising a pup. It’s going to be even harder to go back to work now, but I know she will bring us so much joy!

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