13. read 30 books

Red book.This book was a true reading experience! It is the story of a group of 11 women and the friendships they have cherished with each other since high school. It was passed along to me by my best friend with an inscription inside and with directions to write in it and pass it on once I am done. Since I have been best friends with the same group of girls since high school, so much of this story of The Girls from Ames resonated with me. I found it very impressive that Zaslow, being male, had such keen insight on female friendships, and I love how he incorporated research about long-lasting friendships throughout the narrative. So many of his comments rang true for me– particularly that when we hold on to friendships from our adolescence, those friendships remain a reminder of the core of who we really are– who we were before we became career women, wives, mothers, etc. Another main theme of the story is that through all of life’s challenges, heartaches, and joys, we always have our girlfriends to either celebrate or console us. For me, this sentiment has been so so true. I know in my heart that in another 20 or so years my friends and I will be able to write a story very similar to this one. How thoughtful and loving of Lindsey to get us all reading this!

On another note, I need to start kicking this reading thing up a notch if I am going to reach my goal! I am sorry to say that with so much traveling, volunteering, working on Jim’s house, and now working cherry harvest, I haven’t been able to read as much as I had hoped at all. I did go to the library today, though, so I am hoping to get at least 3-4 books in before back to school time! Crossing my fingers… 🙂


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