an update for becca

Since school ended, we have been busy with some fun travels and activities. I will let the photos tell the story:



We helped Ray & Marge Pleva grill Plevalean burgers for the Cherry Queen candidates at the MSU Horitculture Research Station.

Image We enjoyed the views at Esch Rd. beach during a bonfire with friends.




We drove to Florida, camping in Chattanooga, TN on the way down. There, we beached it, I beat him by 2 minutes in a 5k, we played beach volleyball to our heart’s content, and we attended one heck of a party.




We then drove to Cleveland, where we watched the Tigers beat the Indians, and we celebrated Jim Sr.’s 60th birthday in a big way– complete with tons of food, gifts, drinks, dancing and merriment. I got quite the introduction to the family with this big bash. 🙂





Image… and some time in there we snuck in a walk at the Old Mission Lighthouse, complete with a picnic overlooking the Old Mission vineyards.

And now we’re gearing up to head to Virginia for a wedding this weekend. It’s pretty safe to say that life has been quite an adventure the last few months for Jimbo & Mor. 🙂




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