deployment care package

The pilot is currently deployed to Cuba & the Bahamas for a month. While we weren’t able to spend our first Christmas together, we did make the most of it and made a lot of memories together over the holiday season, from his parents visiting and celebrating an early Thanksgiving, to the Turkey Trot & celebrating Thanksgiving at Ben and Kelsey’s, to hosting an MSU vs. OSU/ugly sweater party, to baking sweet treats together, to visiting Cleveland, to an early Christmas dinner at my parents’ farm, and to our own little gift exchange resulting in some good snowshoeing. Their flight out also was delayed two days due to weather, so we got two bonus days that I considered brought by Santa. 🙂

However, he’s been gone for a week and a half, and I am really trying not to think about how much I miss him already! I have tried to keep busy over Christmas break, but I do know once I get back to work it will help me stay more distracted and not think about how much I wish he was here. In the meantime, I decided to send a little love in the form of a care package down to the Caribbean. Here’s hoping it all gets there in one piece and in good time!


counter-clockwise from left: love letter :), Deering’s jerkey, homemade trail mix, gum, starbust, skittles, kleenex, hand sanitizer, note from my nephew, note/drawing from my niece, crossword puzzle, magazine, and sunscreen (not pictured). 


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