3. volunteer somewhere new

When one of my co-workers approached me about a volunteer opportunity with Robin’s Nest, I jumped at the chance to get involved somewhere new. Robin’s Nest is, to quote its website, “a monthly activity-based program designed to help grieving children feel normal and smile again.” The children range in age from about 8-18, and each monthly outing is designed as a day for the children to enjoy and know that there are people who care about them and want to support them through their grieving process.

Since it is the month of Christmas, this month’s outing was designed to help the children pick out presents for their living parent. Robin’s Nest provided each child with $25 and a mentor to help them shop, wrap gifts, and enjoy lunch and a ride on the mall carousel.

I was assigned 3 sweet girls: Chaedra, Sophie, and Taylor. Each girl came armed with a list of ideas and plenty of spunk and wit. I so enjoyed their sweet little personalities, as well as their ideas on what their parents would enjoy and where to get such items.

photo 4

photo 1Here is Sophie, who picked up slippers and a candle for her mom.

photo 2Taylor got a wolf print for her grandpa and candle and candy for her grandma.

photo 3Chaedra had Yankee Candle on the brain right from the get-go, and managed to get a candle and earrings for her mom.

photo 1 (2)Discerning purchases in Target.

After shopping, we wrapped the presents, enjoyed lunch, and the mall opened up the carousel for the kids to ride. It was such an awesome morning/afternoon, and I had an absolute ball with these sweethearts. Robin’s Nest is a great program that provides an amazing service to grieving families, and I plan to help out at the monthly events in the future. This was definitely one of the most fun and fulfilling list items yet!

photo 2 (2)



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