11. take a trip with my best girlfriends- saturday, november 16

Saturday morning started quite rough for me. I was not feeling hot at all after the very late night and copious amounts of alcohol, but I didn’t want to miss out on anything. We decided bloody mary’s would do the trick, but they ended up not being the best decision for me! I rallied, though, and we packed sandwiches and headed out to the still-cloudy beach. photo 2

photo 4

After some lounging and a beach walk, we decided another trip to the hot tub was in order. However, this time, a woman came out and asked us if we were staying there. Jessica told her we were, and her response was, “No you’re not, and the property managers want me to call the police on you.” However, we were TOLD by our hotel to go over there, and we were not being rowdy or even consuming alcohol– plus, no one was in the pool area at all. We were bummed, but at least we got to go in it twice before getting the boot! We then just hung around together before Jessica had to take an early flight home, the first of our (teary) goodbyes. 😦

photo 5

photo 3We wanted to play the last night a bit low key, so we got some greek food from a little casual place right by our hotel for dinner. However, we had been dying for karaoke all weekend, and when we found out the bar right by our hotel was doing karaoke, we knew we had to stay for a few songs… which turned into a few hours! 🙂 We started off with our theme song of course, “None of Your Business” by Salt n’ Pepa, and then Tab and I did our old standby, “Strawberry Wine”. Tab did her usual amazing “Who Will Save Your Soul?”, and then we did “My Humps”, and all kinds of other nonsense. The girl who ran the karaoke was a little crazy, but fun too, and she was amazed how we knew pretty much every song she played. She challenged Tab to a Disney tune, and so Tab and the bartender sang “A Whole New World”, which was quite hilarious. It was the perfect ending to our great girls’ weekend– just wish Jessica could have finished it off with us!

photo 4 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)

I am so grateful for this time with my amazing girlfriends. Our lives are all crazy busy, and it is so wild to think that many of our conversations revolved around raising kids, husbands, in-laws, etc.. but I do hope we can turn our long weekend into a yearly tradition that keeps us all together in one way or another! My only two wishes were that we would have had a bit more sunshine and that I would have taken better pictures!!

I am so incredibly lucky to have had this core group of girlfriends since middle school/high school. xoxo

photo 1


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