11. take a trip with my best girlfriends-intro

Note: So much happened on this trip that I decided to break down the posts by day. This post is the introduction to the trip.

For many years now, my group of best friends and I have been discussing traveling somewhere together and trying to make it a yearly ritual. We have been friends since high school, and a few live quite far away. Even those of us who live near each other have a difficult time finding time in our busy lives to get together on a regular basis, which is sad but true. When we lost Grace, we knew that she would be adamant that we kept close and always remained a part of each other’s lives. This trip was planned to not only have a rousing good time together, but to keep those bonds that we hold dear strong.

We started planning back in July, and after throwing around many different dates, we settled on Nov 14-17. Kelly and Becca pulled the trigger first and bought their plane tickets. As soon as they did, I realized that a major conflict could get in the way of the trip for me: the school calendar came out that next day, and parent/teacher conferences were scheduled for the 14th. I decided to go ahead and ask my boss anyway, with the pitch that I could hold my own conference schedule and be super flexible/available for parents. Worse case scenario, I would leave the 15th and be a day late, which be very difficult in an already short/long weekend. 

He told me he would hate to have me miss either thing, and that he would mull it over for a few days. When I hadn’t heard back from him 3 days later (when he said he would contact me), I had a dream he told me he just couldn’t have me miss conferences. However, I woke up that next morning (immediately after the dream that he said no) to the following text:

photo (41)

How great is my boss?! After that it was full steam ahead with planning. After MANY long facebook threads like this one:photo (42)

We settled on a condo a block away from the beach so that we could have a kitchen and make our breakfasts/lunches to save some money. After that was planned, we just needed to hop in the car and be on our way to Grand Rapids for our flight!

photo (67)… some of us needed a little FaceTime with daughters. How cute is that?!

day one coming right up!!


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