marathon care package

this isn’t related to my list, but I thought I would share what I did to encourage my marathon man while he was away in DC for the Marine Corps Marathon. He had asked me to attend it with him, but because he took off Thursday-Monday to do the race and hang out with his friends there, it just wasn’t possible for me to miss that much work. I did, however, want to be there in spirit, so I had the idea to create this care package for him.




the care package included:

Vitamin Water Zero, a 26.2 magnet, active chews/gels, cliff bars (not pictured), running socks (I went to our local running store, and when I told them what I was doing they were kind enough to look up his account/past purchases so I could see what ones he liked), my school picture (ha! we had just gotten them back that day), a coupon for a massage as long as he needs when he returns, notes for each day he was gone with quotes and a little message for each day, and champagne with the words “to celebrate when you get home” on the bottle.

I was SO excited to give this to him, and he said there “really was a lot of care put into the care package.” 😉

He finished in 3:51– amazing! I am so proud of him. He says he probably will never do it again, but I told him that’s what a lot of women say after childbirth and go on to have many more children. Fitting analogy, don’t you think?!


One thought on “marathon care package

  1. I love this Mor, especially the school picture 🙂 Crafted gifts are definitely the best.

    Remember when you helped me with Sam’s bday present? You may need to do that for marathon man’s next celebration of birth 😉

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