16. invest in my retirement

Well… this may be one of my more dull posts. However, when our business manager sent us an email about setting up a meeting with a retirement planner from Prudential, I figured it would be best to get one of the items I am most apprehensive about out of the way.

It turns out that investing is not quite as complicated as I had feared. My employer allows us to draw funds for retirement on a pre-tax basis, and the retirement planner advised that I start low and gradually increase my percentage on a yearly basis. She said anything is good at this stage in my life since I am so young. I decided to invest 4% of my annual salary and chose a moderate-risk investment portfolio.

I know I should invest in other areas– I have been told by a few people I trust that a Roth IRA is the way to go– but at least this is a good first step. Our future is so uncertain, especially the fate of Social Security, and I feel good about trying to secure a financially stable future for myself and my family.

3 down.. 27 to go! 🙂


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